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Red wines: The perfect accompaniment for dry-aged meats in the Panorama restaurant

An excellent selection of Italian and international red wines awaits you at the Panorama restaurant, perfectly complementing our excellent seasoned meat dishes. These red wines, carefully selected from renowned wineries in different regions of Italy, will tantalise your palate and enhance the flavours of the meat. From powerful Barolo to elegant Chianti, our red wines are the ideal accompaniment for an unforgettable culinary pleasure.

Seductive white wines: The harmonious complement to pasta and risotto

For our guests who prefer our delicate pasta dishes, risottos and fresh salads, we offer an exquisite selection of Italian white wines. These fresh and balanced wines perfectly complement the variety of our dishes. From a crisp Pinot Grigio to an aromatic Vermentino, our white wines will enliven your senses and enhance the flavours of our Italian cuisine. Enjoy a journey through the Italian culinary world in the Panorama restaurant.

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